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Below are a list of common questions we’ve received in regards to shower enclosures. If youd like additional information on the types of shower enclosures we offer, or some information on shower enclosure maintenance please feel free to click on one of the links below.

Shower Doors

Shower Door Parts

Shower Enclosure Maintenance

Shower Doors


The many types of shower enclosures/doors that are available depends of what you are wanting. We will have frameless by-pass to framed by-pass to neo angle to your standard framed or frameless in-line door and panel. Many homeowners today are opting for the frameless shower enclosure/door. The look is sleek and elegant. Finding the best glass for your shower doors is not as difficult as you may think.

We purchase only the best glass from local glass companies such as Alumax distributors, so the turnaround time is usually within a week. We have been using Alumax for almost as long as we’ve been business. Shower door enclosures can come in different thicknesses (usually 3/8″ and 1/2″ thicknesses for shower doors) .and for safety reasons all shower door glass is tempered.

Mentioned here are a few of the type shower doors you may purchase: By-pass shower doors, Folding shower doors, Neo Angle, In-line door and panel, and the list can go on. The best way to determine what brand, style, shape is right for you is for your installer to make the necessary measurements, show you pictures the shower doors/enclosures that will fit the space of your shower area then go forward from there.

Shower Door Parts

Shower door parts, shower door handles, and sweeps can be found throughout many hardware stores, but in order to purchase the best hinges and other parts for your new shower enclosure should be purchased through your installer as he will know the best to order for your money. You see Hinges for Shower Doors come in many types; shapes, kinds, and brand that it can be confusing and can become very overwhelming to the homeowner. If you want the best hinge for the money, get a square edged Geneva with a 28″ door, and we’re done with this topic.

However before you choose there are certain things you should know. For instance, the Shower Door Hinge ‘Geneva Hinge’ has features that the slightly cheaper Chinese knock-offs don’t have. Geneva and most of the other hinges on this page have a built in reversible hinge pin. They also have little nylon tabs to keep the hinge from opening so far that movable parts hit the body of the hinge and soon there will be a big scratch right at the spot. Not all hinges have the nylon tabs, but Geneva does. You might save $10, on your $1000 purchase, by using a Chinese knock-off but you won’t get these two features.

You will have to decide what your best direction should be when you are having a new Shower Door installed in your home! If you persist in purchasing a ‘knock-off’ sooner or later you will find the discoloring of the hinge and along with this comes erosion and thereafter your shower door will likely detach from the wall and you will have to replace much sooner than you would like. The next consideration is the backing plate. If we are supplying or installing your shower we will recommend a short backing plate. See below. Not all hinges come in all backing plates.

If you leave the selection of hinge to us we’ll choose either Geneva or Vienna depending on the size of the door.

Shower Enclosure Maintenance


Your bathroom will become your favorite room in your home as it transforms into the perfect home Spa! A beautiful new glass Shower Enclosure will become the focal point of decorating a bathroom, as every home owner seems to get a relaxing environment within the home and shower enclosures are very essential to provide the luxury and relaxation.

For a neat and clean Shower Doors you need to simply use a squeegee after each use. Wiping down the interior of the shower will prevent a musty odor and by using the squeegee it will eliminate the water spots that appear on the glass once your shower is complete.

We will supply you with the necessary glass cleaner and other products to help you keep your shower appearing as new as the day it was installed.

Purchase your glass cleaner, squeegee, bath and body products and much more to maintain that Spa-like feel!

  • The most versatile glass cleaner available – cleans glass Shower Enclosures, windows, mirrors, windshields; enamel surfaces, chrome, tile, porcelain and other hard surfaces.
  • Using a clean soft white cloth Sprayway will dissolve dirt, grease, grit, and grime, soap and water spots.
  • The HEAVY-DUTY foam clings to vertical surfaces.
  • Guaranteed to leave no film or residue.


We offer Orlando and the Central Florida area only the highest quality bathroom vanity mirrors. Our hard work and dedication to creating your custom vanity will ensure the most relaxing escape. If you’re looking for something a little more edgy and modern Tom can help you create a mirror layout that will best suit your tastes.

Looking to have a mirror wall for your exercise room or adding depth to your room? We would like to help you reflect the beauty of that room. Please feel free to contact us via the contact us page with a brief description of what you are looking for!

Maybe you have a wall mirrors that you want removed. We do that too! Let us take care of any residential or commercial mirror wall installation or removal.

Tips for Cleaning Your Mirrors – Once your mirrors are installed a lot of people ask about what really is the best way to clean your mirrors. So here are some tips for keeping your vanity mirrors reflecting a perfect image.

  • Use a clean soft piece of cloth.
  • Spraying warm water does wonders in place of cleaner.
  • Keep the Spray on the rag, not on the mirror.
  • If you’re going to involve chemicals you don’t want them to contain any harsh solvents, ammonia, or vinegar.
  • Refrain from having the framed mirrors edge exposed to excessive moisture.
  • Leave the fan running for 15-20 minutes after taking a shower, or if you’re concerned about the electric see the next tip.
  • Take your showers with the bathroom door open if possible. This will allow the steam from the shower that contains oils from your skin, from sitting on the mirror collecting dust.
  • Always wipe your bathroom vanity mirrors or shower enclosures until they’re dry to avoid water spots.

Hopefully these little tips help you maintain the creative image you had installed for many years to come. Also be sure to check out our Mirror Gallery to see the different bathroom vanity and mirror walls we’ve done!

Common Mirror Questions..

Typically we glue the mirrors to the wall in place of using mirror clips. Clips allow the mirror to rattle between the wall and the clip. Gluing the mirrors ensure that the mirror is very secure with less of a chance of breaking apart in sections.

Mirror Safety Tips

Mirror Removal

Mirror Safety Tips

Wear gloves when handling mirrors. Especially cracked or fractured mirrors.

When transporting or moving glass and mirror panels suction cups with handles are highly recommended.

Unlike shower glass, which is tempered, mirrors are annealed. This means they are more likely to shatter into many pieces as oppressed to breaking off in solid pieces.

Never set a mirror directly on a hard surface such as tile or concrete.

Always have a professional make notches or holes. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO NOTCH AN INSTALLED MIRROR.

Mirror Removal

Large mirrors are very heavy, and attaching them with adhesive adds a considerable measure of safety. A glued-on mirror won’t fall down and if it breaks, most of the pieces will stay on the wall. However, the downside of a glued-on mirror becomes apparent when you want to remove it. Glass shards can fly in all directions, and very heavy pieces with jagged edges can come crashing down.

Call a glass company to find someone trained in this tricky job to avoid a trip the hospital yourself.

Our professional will have the protective gear and tools for safe removal.

The only thing left for the customer to do is to repair the drywall.


Glass Samples

The following are examples of some of the options you have as far as the glass you use on your new shower enclosure. Any of this glass can be installed in your shower room to match your taste. We’re pleased to offer a wide variety of styles available. If you’d like to request a Free Quote please feel free to do so in the form to the left or via our Contact Us page.

Tempered Glass

Creative Mirror Design presents, a little information regarding tempered glass.

A frequent misconception about tempered glass regards its resistance to breakage. Many people consider it “unbreakable” and this is not at all true to form. As with every other type of glass, tempered glass can also break.

Glass breaks when it is exposed to stress that glass cannot withstand. To increase its strength and heat resistance annealed glass can be subjected to a thermal treatment or chemical process. Tempered glass is obtained using this process, and its final for is four to five times as strong as annealed glass of the same type and thickness. When tempered glass is broken it shatters into many small fragments, which will prevent major injuries. Traditionally due to the characteristics of tempered glass shower enclosures, table tops, and glass shelving is used more than any other so to avoid a major injury. Tempered glass should receive the same care however as annealed glass. Unfortunately, the perception that tempered glass is unbreakable may mislead people to provide less care while handling. Careless handling and improper installation sometimes produce damage, which leads to spontaneous or delayed breakage. This means that occasionally a sheet of glass will not shatter immediately at the time of damage, but perhaps weeks later. Inclusions in glass such as NiS can also trigger a delayed breakage effect. Nickel supplied inclusion, also known as NiS, occurs during the manufacturing process for float glass. In a glass batch, nickel-rich contaminants such as stainless steel might be present, and then combined with Sulphur to form NiS inclusions. To minimize the risk of NiS breakages, a heat soak test is performed. Although some spontaneous breakages occur due to the above mentioned factors, much breakage is called “spontaneous” because there is no clear or easily visible cause. This is why you, the consumer, should always trust the installation to a trained glass professional for proper installation. After all you are investing in your home a product which should last for a very long time, as long as it is taken care of accordingly.

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